How to register

Registering in Genius Referrals is very easy through our portal and free. Just go to the sign up option, located in the upper right corner of the page and in minutes you will have your referral program. 

Step 1: General information.

When you select the sign up option, the registration form will be displayed, proceed to insert the information requested and click on the 'Ok let's move on!' button to continue. 

Get started

Step 2: Choose a template.

After inserting all the required information, the option to select the template for your referral program will be displayed. The templates are linked to the selected payout method.

Choose a template


Each template will have the option "Zoom" where you can see with more details the structure, content, and design of it.

Step 3: Generate profile.

Once the template has been chosen, the profile is generated automatically, creating your company, referral program and referral tracking templates and the widgets package, where you will have default content to share on social media by your advocates.

Building your profile

When the profile is generated, the following links are shown so that you can consult all the information that has just been generated and modify it if you wish.


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