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Referral Program Flow

Getting integrated with our platform in very easy using all the tools that we provide. When using our Design Center for personalizing your referral program's templates you can get integrated using code snippets. Also, we have created a RESTful API that you can use from any platform and computer language, SDKs, examples and use cases that will make this process easy for you.

Before starting your integration process, you must first complete the following list of items so that you can start consuming our services. Don't worry, it seems like a lot, but we'll help you all the way: 

  • Sign up in our platform: Once you've finished your registration process you will be able to configure all the aspects of your referral program.
  •  Create a Program: You must also configure at least one program for the business you want to get integrated. This can be a Website, Desktop app, Mobile app, etc.  
  •  Create a Campaign: Here is where you configure the marketing campaigns that you will publish on your system.  You can set up multiples campaign with different activation dates, tiers, and extra restrictions. 
  •  Configure a Widgets Package: Because you will allow your customers to share your publicity content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and Pinterest). You need to set up the publicity you want your customers to share by default on these networks. 

Once you've finished with these steps please go to the Get Started section. 

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