Payouts with Paypal

If you are in this section, we are assuming that you've already configured and tested your referral program or deployed your referral program to your production environment, and you want to set your program on autopilot with our Paypal Auto Payout feature. 

Who should read this tutorial?

This tutorial is for clients who want to payout their advocates and referrals using PayPal Payouts.


At the end of this tutorial, you should have your referral program ready to send payouts via PayPal. You will have multiple options for setting up your payout system that will allow your program to run in Auto Pilot so that you can put your mind at ease.  

How to integrate your account with PayPal

PayPal payment gateway will allow you to automatically send payouts to your advocates and referrals.

The first thing you must have to get integrated is a PayPal business account. You must make sure that payments have been enabled in your account. Not all PayPal accounts have this feature enabled automatically, especially if you are outside the United States.

How to obtain the information that is required for the integration?

Log into the PayPal Developer Portal

Verify that you have the Payouts API enabled. Unfortunately, this can take from a few hours to several days for PayPal to give you permission. We do not have control over this. However, requesting it is very easy. At the bottom of the column called "Permission name", you will see the row labeled "Payouts". You want to click on the Enable link.

My account

PayPal will send you an email informing you that they are reviewing your request. Once you have been accepted, you will see a green check mark indicating that the API is active.

Then you should go to the "My Apps & Credentials" section and credentials on the menu. Find the "REST API apps" section and click on the "Create app" option.

Rest API apps

Fill in the information of the form by inserting the name of the application, you can write "Genius Referrals Payouts". Once the name is inserted, click on the "Create app" button.

Create new app

Select the "Live" button at the top right and then the "Show" option below the secret header.

Live API credentials


You must copy the Client ID and Secret fields. You need this data for integration with Genius Referrals.

PayPal account details

If you have already completed the steps up to here, and your PayPal account has enabled the Payouts API, then, we are ready to go to the Integration section in Genius Referrals. When accessing the section select Billing Payment where you can find the option to integrate with PayPal.

Setting up the connector

To set up the Paypal connector, log in to your Genius Referrals account, and go to the Integrations->Billing & Payments->Paypal. The page should look like the following image: 

Paypal connector

Click on the PayPal logo and the option to create a connection from your Genius Referrals account with PayPal will be shown, to continue you must click on "Connect with PayPal".

paypal payout configuration for your affiliate program

To complete the integration you must go through the following 3 steps, it is a quick process that will only take a few minutes.


Here you have to insert the information of your PayPal account (Client ID and Client Secret). After inserting the credentials and accepting the terms and conditions, click on the "Save and continue" button.

Insert PayPal credentials

Payout options

This step is very important because here you can configure how you want payouts to be managed and establish the payout limits.

You will have the option to Edit the integration so that you can change these parameters if you want another time.
We offer you a default configuration, when you finish defining the values, click on the "Save and continue" button.

If you want to return to the previous step you have the "Back" button to return to the Connection section.

Set payout option

Finally, if the entire process has been completed correctly, it will go to the confirmation section, where it is explained that the integration must be approved and you will be contacted via email to inform you when the status changes.

It will also have two buttons one to go to the dashboard and the other to go to the integration with PayPal

Confirmation message

When you return to the integration with PayPal you will see the details of the integration, it shows the status it is in, next to two options Edit and Pause

  • Edit is so you can modify your integration in case you require it.
  • The Pause option will be enabled when its integration is active, this functionality is to give you the possibility to stop payments through PayPal without having to cancel the integration. When you want to resume payments you should only click on the Play button.

Details of the integration with PayPal

Testing the Referral Program Integration

How do I know if the whole thing is working as expected? To make sure that everything is working okay we are going to run the following scenario:

Scenario: Recommending new potential clients to your gallery

In this scenario, we are assuming the following:

  1. You have a gallery where you sell his artwork online.
  2. You have implemented a referral program with Genius Referrals to allow your customers and visitors to refer your products to friends, family, colleagues, etc.
  3. On your referral campaign, you are giving $10 to your customers for every qualified referral. A qualified referral is a referral that completes a purchase.
  4. John Smith is one of your best customers that loves your products and is happy to share your services with his friends, family, colleagues, etc. This is his personal data:
    1. First Name: John
    2. Last Name: Smith
    3. Email:
  5. John refers his friend Matt so he can buy new works in your store. This is his personal data:
    1. First Name: Matt
    2. Last Name: Hanks
    3. Email:
  6. John receives $10 bonus once Matt has completed a purchase

Testing that John can share services anywhere he wants

For John to be able to refer products he needs to access the referral program page and use the referrals tools to share the services. John will be able to use all the tools on the "Referral tools" tab. In this scenario, John sends to Matt his personal URL (referral tool 2) so that Matt can check out the products and become a customer.

Your referral program

Testing that the referral (Matt) has been successfully created

Once John has shared the services with Matt, Matt will click on John's share link and will land on your store. Matt will browse your product, add some to the cart and finally pay for the products. Once Matt has completed a purchase, a new referral will be generated on Genius Referrals. To check if the new referral has been created, go to your advocate's section on Genius Referrals. You should be able to see Matt on the list.

List of advocates

Testing that a bonus is given to John once Matt has completed a purchase

Now we need to check if the advocate (John) receives a bonus once the referral (Matt) completes his purchase. To test this, Matt has to complete a purchase, once a purchase is completed John should receive a $10 bonus on Genius Referrals.

To check if the bonus was given to the advocate on Genius Referrals, go to your bonuses section. You should be able to see John's new bonus on this page.

List of bonuses

Testing Auto Payout configuration

To ensure that the system processes payouts automatically. You must configure the Payout Options parameters in step 2.

  • Payout Management: Auto (When a bonus is given, it is redeemed automatically. A new redemption request is created and redeemed.)
  • Payout frequency: On request (When a redemption request is created, the system process it immediately.)

With this setup, the system will try to redeem bonuses automatically. To this end, a new redemption request is created and redeemed. 

configuration to make the automatic payout

To review redemption requests, access the  Bonus Redemption section.

List of the redemption requests

On the details page you can see the status of the transaction and if the payout was completed, in the description you can check the Transaction ID.

Redemption request details

You can also check on your PayPal account and see all the payouts that have been made to your advocates.

Activities of your account

Transaction detailsTransaction details

When the redemption request is completed the advocate will receive the payout on his PayPal account.

Payout details of the advocate

That is all. In this scenario, each time a (Matt) completes a purchase in your gallery, the advocate (John) will receive a new bonus that can be exchanged manually or automatically according to the configuration you've set up.


What happens if the system didn't process the payout? 

You should receive an email with the reasons why the payout was not successfully processed. 

How do I check payouts?

Access to the redemption sections, find and open de details of the request. On Paypal check your activity or search for the transaction ID.

The redemption request is stuck on Hold, what should I do?

This means that the system couldn't process the request as one of the validations failed. Check your email and look for the reason why the redemption failed and follow the steps on the email to fix this issue. Usually, you just need to move the request to the processing status.  

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