How to Use the Bonuses Section

The bonuses section is where you can find all bonuses that Genius Referrals has given to your advocates. Once your advocates start using your referral program, they will start generating  bonuses and you will probably have to come to this section from time to time to review the statistics. 

Here you are able to search bonuses by different criteria, review the advocate's details and performance, download all bonuses in a .csv file and review the bonus information. 

Searching Bonuses

Making a search is very straightforward, you can search bonuses by range of dates, advocate's name, email, last name and also by specifying the campaign. The following image shows the form. 

search for bonuses in your referral program

Downloading Bonuses in a .csv File

To download your bonuses click on the 'Download .csv' icon located on the right side of the 'List of bonuses' section. The action will produce a .csv file that you will be able to download to your personal device. The image below shows the details. 

download all bonuses in your referral probram

Analysing the Bonus Data

On the bonus details view page, you can see useful information related to the bonus given and the advocate who has received the bonus. To open the view page click on the 'View' action located in the actions column. The image below shows the details. 

check out the details of a bonus given in your referral program

view the details of a bonus given in your refer a friend program

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