How to Use The Audit Trail Section

On the audit trail section, you are able to track all the bonuses requests that Genius Referrals has processed in an attempt to give bonuses to your advocates. 

When the system tries to give a bonus to the advocate' s referrer it will check the set of restrictions that were defined by you in your referral marketing campaign. If all restrictions pass the validation process, a bonus is given to the advocate and you will see a 'success' when viewing the request details. If not all restrictions pass the validation process no bonus is given to the advocate and you will see a 'fail' when viewing the request details. 

There are some actions that you can perform on this page, you can search for requests, download the list of request present on the page and view the request details. 

Downloading Requests in a .CSV File

To download the request, click on the 'Download .csv' action located on the 'List of request' section and follow the instructions. The image below show the details. 

audit trail list of request for your refer a friend program

Understanding the Request Details 

To open the request details click on the view action located on the 'Actions' section on the right of every request. Once you click on the action the system will display the request details. The image below shows the details. 

view details of a bonuse request trace and track every aspect of your referral program

a fail bonus request trace on your referral program

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