How to Set Up a Widgets Package

Widgets Packages allows you to set up the default contents you want your advocate's to share on social media like (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and Pinterest) and to generate the share links that your advocate's share socially to refer your services. You can create multiple widgets packages per campaign, this is very useful when you have an internationalized Website. 


Before setting up your widgets packages, you need to have at least and account with an active marketing campaigns, if you don't have done this yet, please read this create new accounts and referrals marketing campaigns

To create a new Widgets Packages go to the Widgets section on our Control Center and click on the button 'Create a new widgets package' and follow the instructions.  

Step 1: The package general information 

As you can create multiples widgets packages per campaign for your referral marketing program, this section helps you to specify general information about the package. Once you've specified the name, campaign, description, referral marketing campaign, language and landing URL click on the 'Continue' button to start the setting up the widgets.  

Landing URL 

This is the URL that you want your future customers to land on your Website when clicking on a shared link. Example:

The widgets package general informacion

Step 2: Set up the widgets

Setting up the widgets for your referral marketing program is very easy using our wizard, you need to set up widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and Pinterest. 

Defining the widgets default contents

Your marketing team is responsible for defining the contents to be published by default on the social media. Make sure they have done their research and have put together good wording with high value/quality that target the right audience. The success of your referral marketing program highly depends on this engaging contents.

share links parameters for your referrals marketing campaign

Step 2.1: The Facebook widget setup

On the right side of the image below you can see and example of the default content that will be published on Facebook after the advocate has clicked on Facebook share link.  For Facebook widgets you must specify:
  • Site name: The name of your Website, example: My Store
  • Your custom title: The title for you content to be published on Facebook. 
  • Your summary: The description of the content to be published on Facebook.
  • Your images URLs: The images you want to be published on facebook as part of this content. Note that you can add multiple images that your advocate's choose from when publishing the content.
  • Author URL: This property is optional, it links to the authors of the article. The target of this can be either a Facebook Profile or a Facebook Page and Facebook will likely offer a chance to follow that author when it is displayed in the News Feed. Note that your authors should have Follow enabled so that people can follow them.
  • Publisher URL: This property is optional, it links to the publisher of the article. The target of this property must be a Facebook Page. When displayed in the News Feed, Facebook may offer the ability to like the publisher. 
Set up facebook social widget

Step 2.2: The Twitter widget setup

Setting up the Twitter widget is very simple, you just need to enter the tweet you want to be published on Twitter and that's pretty much it. One thing you have to take into account is the location of the [url] tag.

Composing a tweet

The tweet is composed by tweet+url. The URL (share link) will consume 22 characters of your tweet. You have only 118 characters, so make your words count. The [url] tag will be replaced automatically by the share link that will be published on Twitter.  If you want to change the location of the [url] tag, just move it to the proper location on your tweet. If for some reason, you decide to remove the [url] tag from the tweet, the share link will be added automatically at the end of the tweet.

Set up twitter widgets

Step 2.3: The Google + widget setup

To set up the Google + widget for your referral marketing program, you need to specify the 'Title' and the 'Your images URLs'. Check the example below for more details. 

Set up google + widget

Step 2.4: The Linkedin widget setup

On the Linkedin set up we specify 'Your custom title', 'Your Summary' and 'Your Source'. Check out the example below for more details. 

Set up linkedin social widget

Step 2.5: The Pinterest widget setup

The set up for the Pinterest widgets is very simple, you just need to specify the 'Description' that your advocate's share on the media when referring your services and 'The image URL' of the image that has the content. This is very useful if you want your customers to help you to publish your posters, fliers, etc. on Pinterest platform. 

Set up Pinterest social widget

Step 2.6: The Email widget setup

The set up for the Email widgets is very simple, you just need to specify the 'Subject' and 'Body' of the email that is sent to your advocates' friends.

set up the widget email for your referral program

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