How to Manage Your Programs

At Genius Referrals Control Center, you have full controls of your programs. This means that you can:

  • Create, activate and deactivate programs.
  • Manage referrals marketing campaigns.
  • Manage widgets packages 
  • Manage Advocate
  • Manage Bonuse
  • Manage Redemption Request
  • And much more

Your marketing team should be responsible for managing your programs. Specifically the sections 'Programs' and 'Widgets'. A healthy referral marketing program is one that is adjusted frequently depending on how your business evolves and your marketing strategies. Learn from the insights/statistics that you can find per program, per referral marketing campaign and per advocate and tweak your campaigns as needed. 

Remember that:

  1. You can create multiple referral marketing campaigns that can be activated in the future, can be activated for a short period of time and can have multiple restrictions. If you need to create a promotional campaign for just a weekend go ahead and create it, our campaigns are very flexible and ready for you to be used. 
  2. You can create multiple widgets packages per campaign that you can switch in real time with very low interaction. You can have widgets packages in multiples languages and with different default contents that your advocate's can use at any time.   

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