How to Import Your Current Customers Into Our Platform

Importing your current customers into Genius Referrals is very easy and you have several ways of doing this. Your customers will be imported into Genius Referrals as advocates, meaning that every customer in your website represents an advocate in your referral program. You can import customers using our APISDKs or our Control Center

Importing your customers using our API

To import your customers using our API, check the API reference documentation and the following example.

Importing your customers using our SDKs

To import your customers using our SDKs check the SDKs documentation and the following example

Importing your customers manually using our Control Center

To import your customers manually using our control center, got to the advocate's section and click on the import advocates icon (the image below shows the details). 

import advocates into your referral program

On the import page, download the example and replace the demo data with your advocates. If you want to import the advocate's referrer, you must also add the campaign_slug and the referrer's email. To locate the campaign slug go to your accounts section and click the account under the lateral menu. Under the 'Your referrals campaign' click on the view actions (eye icon), you will find the campaign slug under the 'General Information' section. 

identifying your referral marketing campaign

identifying the slug of your referral campaign

Once you have completed the .CSV file, select the file to be imported and click on the 'Import' button.

import advocates into genius referrals

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