How to Give a Bonus to the Advocate's Referrer

At Genius Referrals you can give bonuses manually to the advocate's referrer using our Control Center. This is useful when you want to:

  • Run an offline referral program.
  • Give a bonus to the advocate's referrer manually.

To give a bonus to the advocate's referrer, first search for the advocate on the advocate's section and click on the 'Process for bonus' action located in the actions column.


The 'Process for bonus' action will be available only when the advocate it's been referred by another advocate.

search an advocate for given a reward on your referral program

On the form 'Process to give a bonus' fill in the fields and then click on the 'Give bonus' button.

The system will try give a bonus to the advocate's referrer taking into account all the rules you've specified on your referral program campaign. The parameters to fill in are the following:

  • Reference: The reference for this request. This can anything, you can use a timestamp, a payment id, etc. This parameter is mandatory.
  • Amount of Payments: Represent the amount of payments that the advocate has made in your system. This is useful when you've set up a restriction for the amount of payments in your referral marketing campaign. This parameter is optional.
  • Payment Amount: Represent the payment amount that the advocate has made in your system. This is useful when you've set up your marketing campaign based in percentage. This parameter is optional but if the campaign is based in percentage you will have to send the payment amount in order to give a bonus to the advocate.

When a bonus is given to the advocate's referrer, you will see a 'success' on the response, otherwise will see a 'fail'. The 'Trace' section will give you the insights.

give a reward to your advocates on your referral program

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