How to send the referrer directly on the processCustomer method

There are scenarios where an advocate refers your services and/or products, but the friend does not use a share link to access to your website.  In these case is almost impossible to track the referral due to the referred prospect (friend) did not use a share link. The solution here is to ask the prospect to enter the referrer email on an extra field that can be added on your lead page and then pass that data to Genius Referrals to create the direct referral. 

To pass the referrer directly to Genius Referrals, you can use the methods processCustomeror processCustomerAndBonus used to catch new referralsYou will be able to pass the referrer email and the campaign-slug. Use the parameters grReferrerEmail and grCampaignSlug to pass these data. 

Heads up

This new feature was introduced in version 1.0.9 of our geniusreferrals-tool-box script. Ensure you are loading the latest  of this script on your pages.  

Getting the Campaign Slug

For getting the campaign-slug: go to your Dashboard, click on your account, under the 'Your referrals campaigns' click on the details action (eye icon) of your campaign. You should be able to find the campaign-slug

finding the campaign slug

Sending the referrer directly 

The following example ilustrates how to pass the data. 

<script type="text/javascript">
    var toolbox = new grToolbox();
            "grUsername" : "",
            "grTemplateSlug": "test-template",
            "grCustomerName": "john",
            "grCustomerLastname": "smith",
            "grCustomerEmail": "",
            "grCustomerCurrencyCode": "USD",
            "grCampaignSlug": "get-10-of-for-90-days",
            "grReferrerEmail": "",
            "grCanRefer": false    });

Once the processCustomer method is triggered, we will try to link the advocate with the referral taking into account the  grReferrerEmail and grCampaignSlug parameters.

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