How to Implement a Customer Dashboard

A customer dashboard is very important to have when implementing your referral marketing program. Here is where you display to your advocate's the amount of referrals and bonuses they have generated per network. These two are very good indicators of the healthy of their advocates referral program.

We are using here the Genius Referrals referral marketing program as a use case to help you to understand and teach you how to implement your own referrals marketing program.   

As you can see below we display to our advocate's the totals per network. With these insights, our advocate's can tweak they referral strategies and generate more revenue. 

Bonuses earned with your referral marketing program

For implementing this page on your application or site, you need to use one of our SDKs or RESTful API to get the referrals and bonuses information per advocate. The methods you can use when using and SDK to get these insights are the following: 

  • getBonusesSummaryPerOriginReport: gets the amount of bonuses that an advocate has received per network. See an example of the results here.  
  • getReferralsSummaryPerOriginReport: gets the amount of referrals that an advocate has received per network. See an example of the results  here


For you to be able to get the referrals and bonuses summary you need to your advocate_token. This means that, in most cases, your advocate should be logged into your system. 

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