How to Give Bonuses to an Advocate

Giving bonuses to your advocates is very easy with Genius Referrals Platform, we have implemented API calls and methods that will make this process rather easy.

Normally, you will like to give a bonus to your advocates after one of his referrals has triggered an action in your application, this can be a completed purchase,  a successful referral, etc. Once you've identified the trigger action you should do something like the following to try to give the bonus to an advocate. 

Before continuing, let's retake the example  we were working with. In that example, we wanted to give to an advocate's referrer (which is also and advocate) a bonus after one of his referred advocates has completed the first purchase. 

So, our trigger action is this case will be "the completed first purchase"

In other words, after an advocate has completed his first purchase we need to try to give a bonus to his referrer. Here is an example of how you can give bonuses to your advocates. 

Also, we have two sample application where you can see and integration in action. Download this sample apps here

Example using the PHP SDK:  

     * On your action method just do something like this

    //the advocate token of the customer that has place the payment
    $strGRAdvocateToken  = 'cc6bdb82850654d89bebada2b52e80289b098c1d3'; 
    // Create a new GRPHPAPIClient object 
    $objGeniusReferralsAPIClient = new GRPHPAPIClient('YOUR_USERNAME', 'YOUR_API_TOKEN');

    //preparing the data to be sent on the request
    $arrParams = array(
        'bonus' => array(
            'advocate_token'       => $strGRAdvocateToken, //the advocate who made the payment
            'reference'            => rand(1000000, 9999999), //A reference number, could be the payment id
            'amount_of_payments'   => 1, 
            'payment_amount'       => 100 //the payment amount placed by the referred advocate
    //trying to give a bonus to the advocate's referrer
    $strResponse = $objGeniusReferralsAPIClient->postBonuses('my-store', $arrParams); 
    $intResponseCode = $objGeniusReferralsAPIClient->getResponseCode();
    if($intResponseCode == 201){
        // bonus given to the advocate's referrer
        // there is not need to give a bonus to the advocate's referrer
Remember to replace the YOUR_USERNAME and YOUR_API_TOKEN by the ones generated for you

Sending the right parameters

You only need to send the advocate_token and the  reference  as mandatory parameters. The amount_of_payment  and payment_amount are optional parameters and depend on the type and restriction that you've set on your campaign

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